11 April 2013

Capitalism, Corporatism, Cronyism

Capitalism is not the be all and end all of human economic systems. I do think we have to start thinking past the capitalist model in order to realize the best way for humanity to conduct itself and save the planet. 

But it is foolish to think I would not be hard-pressed to support myself in today's society without adhering to capitalist behaviour. Clearly, there is little way around working with the current economic system until the implementation of the next one begins to take shape. That being said, we cannot lay low! Let's address the areas of capitalism that need most attention and get to solving the damn problem.

The problem with capitalism is not so much corporatism. While I tend to believe that individuals who make up a corporation should be held liable for their company's actions, first and foremost we should be concentrating on something else. Relentless scrutiny must be directed towards the detriment of cronyism. Again, capitalism and corporations are not why the economy is so fucked - cronyism is what makes this whole game inherently unfair and perpetuates corruption.

As explained in the video below, cronyism is enabled by a centralized state that has been given too much power to regulate the economy. It may seem counterintuitive, but to diminish the shit storm being fuelled by big businesses that are too big to fail (or even to prosecute!), we must relieve them of their political power. How can we do this? By taking away the state's ability to regulate the economy. 

We don't need more laws influenced by big business. Let unrestrained innovation and small business compete to solve our technical problemsThere must be a recognition for the need to foster stronger, more adaptable & resilient micro-economies within the globalized economy. Through projects like open-source ecology and the possibilities provided by the mainstreaming of 3d-printing, the options to help ourselves are opening up; the ability to lessen our dependency on a coercive state is becoming more evident everyday. 

Do not fear. Take responsibility. Redeem Your Freedom.

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