1 April 2013

Understanding the Free Man Perspective 101

I know, it's April 1st and this may all seem like some kind of joke. Sometimes, I really wish it was...
PLEASE! Take the time and brush up on your political & economic history, modern finance, law and human rights knowledge by watching this film.

There is an overwhelming amount of information to take in and research for yourself but do the world a favour and join the discussion. This film is one of the best rundowns (that I've come across) of what is going on in places like Canada, America, the UK, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa and depicts the Free Man movement quite well. 

I'm not asking you to trust everything that is being said. On the contrary, I'd appreciate if more people took it upon themselves to verify or debunk this esoteric information so that we can come to a more refined understanding of the world. Above all else, I implore you to critically analyze the ideas that are brought forth in this film and see if anything resonates with you. I for one, expect it will.

Thanks for checking in -and remember...
Always remain honourable, and with peace and love in your heart.

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